Educational Methodology

A New Approach

Sharing from Hawaiian language learning with Hālau ʻŌlelo will be a new experience. Our approach recreates Hawaiian language at the catalyst of being human. This moves us beyond historical experiences of Hawaiian language learning - the phenomenon of sharing knowledge, insight and experience from the depths of antiquity toward the foreground of communication. Our core methods allow us to reframe, reactivate and amplify students' proficiencies in their Hawaiian language.

The Heart of Our Hālau

A traditional Hawaiian wisdom saying states: "I ka ʻōlelo nō ke ola; i ka ʻōlelo nō ka make - In the language is life. In the language is death." (Pukui, 1983). This is a source of our educational methodology. Exploring and discovering this Hawaiian wisdom inspires and contributes to the thought: Language creates and uncreates. Hālau ʻŌlelo engages its participants to explore and harness the procreative powers of Hawaiian language to call kuleana (intention, function, responsibility) into existence.

Essential Questions

These essential questions mobilize our core methods:

  1. Time: How does time occur in language spaces?
  2. Relationship: How do relationships occur in language spaces?
  3. Function: What are the functions that are possible from language spaces?

Core Methods

These core methods generate the scope and sequence of our learning environments:

  1. Time: Expand and collapse language spaces on demand.
  2. Relationship: Distinguish and shift language spaces parts-to-whole.
  3. Function: Employ and restore intentional and functional language spaces.

Enrolled and active participants of Hālau ʻŌlelo will deepen their understanding regarding our overall educational methodology during their participation.