Track 2 - Spoken Hawaiian - Level 2

Course Details


  • Storytelling is a 12-month course designed to explore and discover the multi-faceted forms and functions of Hawaiian storytelling.
  • In this course you will:
    • Discover multiple domains of Hawaiian strategy to design, tell and keep stories
    • Identify reoccurring and unusual patterns from comparative analysis
    • Gain awareness of Hawaiian verbal delivery
    • Take corrective actions to restore settings of authentic Hawaiian storytelling
    • Generate actionable strategies to generate a basic Hawaiian storytelling template
    • Expand and collapse formal and informal parameters of story design and delivery
    • Offer and receive authentic peer feedback and support
    • Prompt external reflective dialogue regarding course exercises
  • Schedule
    • 4 instructional hours per month
    • 12-months (if completed in consecutive months, may vary based on student's progress)
    • Each students' course participation is individualized by their availability.


  • Completion of student application and class registration.
  • Purchase of course texts.
  • Installation of Zoom Conference Meeting on online-accessible device.