Hālau ʻŌlelo

Hawaiian language classes


Learn Hawaiian language and culture with a dedicated instructor in a highly interactive class in real time online. In this program, participants will train, develop and grow proficiencies to access knowledge, reconstruct insight and expand experiences from the depths of Hawaiian antiquity.

Track 1 - Written Hawaiian

  • This track will offer participants the tools and technology to develop their proficiencies in Hawaiian language reading and writing.

Track 2 - Spoken Hawaiian

  • This track will enable participants to identify, practice and develop their proficiencies in Hawaiian language listening and speaking.

Track 3 - Cultural Hawaiian

  • This track will empower participants to design a research project of an indigenous language and culture. 

    • Level 1 - Context

    • Level 2 - Relationship

    • Level 3 - Point of View

    • Level 4 - Responsibility

    • Level 5 - Stewardship

    • Level 6 - Community Project Engagement

End-of-Level Projects

Students will work on a project to be completed by the end of their level participation. Each end-of-level project is a component of each students' Hawaiian language autobiography (to be completed at the end of their enrolled track). The scope and sequence of students' development of their Hawaiian language autobiography will include and not be limited to:

Level 1 - Drawing parallel between the Hawaiian natural world and the human experience.

Level 2 - Researching and reactivating family geneaology.

Level 3 - Reconstructing the climate and context of familial ancestors' histories.

Level 4 - Exploring and aligning with traditional Hawaiian language models, mediums and forms to produce Hawaiian self-expression. 

Level 5 - Cultivating a possible breakthrough in a modern day breakdown based from the depths of Hawaiian antiquity.

All levels of each track will contribute and supplement students' development of their autobiography. Students will be invited to share their projects as a graduate presenter at our annual virtual summit conference.

End-of-Track Projects

Track 1 students will finalize all end-of-level projects into a final version of their Written Autobiography Artifact. This artifact is a written document completed from a word-processor.

Track 2 students will finalize all end-of-level projects into a final version of their Spoken Autobiography Aritifact. This artifact is an audio recording or a video recording of a student reading their Written Autobiography Artifact.

Track 3 students will finalize all end-of-level projects into a final version of their Community Project Engagement. This will be an action-research based project that students will engage community from their Hawaiian language research.

Upon completion of each track, students will be invited to present their project as a graduate presenter at our annual virtual summit conference and contribute their work to our online arftifacts database.

Program Completion

As student leaders complete classes and courses of each level, they are invited to volunteer and mentor new students. This allows expanded practice and application of their Hawaiian language learning. This also allows for active student leaders to cultivate their very own Hawaiian language community from within the Hawaiian Language Worldwide enterprise. 

Upon completion of all tracks, eligible student leaders will enter a year-long training of teaching from our Hawaiian Language Worldwide curriculum. Upon completion of our teacher education program, student leaders will be acknowledged as an instructor (Kumu ʻŌlelo) of Hawaiian language and culture education. This means these individuals may choose to contribute from the Hawaiian Language Worldwide enterprise or to create a new community of Hawaiian language and culture sharing.